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Six exercises for post cycle recovery inspired by Pilates

It’s important to take care of your body post cycle to prevent injury, whether you’re training more often on your road bike or are starting to commute on your vintage bike. Cycling is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, but it can occasionally create...

Essential gears for bike packing adventures

Bike packing is essentially backpacking on a bicycle. The idea is that you distil your worldly possessions down to your absolute essentials, stuff them into a couple of (ideally waterproof bags) and then head off the beaten path. Simple. Here are Reid’s...
Ride On review the Granite

Ride On review the Granite

Simply put, Gravel-grinders (aka All-Road, Adventure Road or Dirt-Road-Racers) are like a CX (Cylcocross) bike built for Endurance riding. The features that make these bikes perfect for dirty distance racing across varied terrain also make them perfect for... review VICE 3.0 review VICE 3.0

Plus bikes are the latest progression in Mountain Biking and the VICE 3.0 is our flagship bike – built with all the new features and standards found in the 27+ category. Here’s what has to say about our latest VICE 3.0 model: ‘Out of the box...

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