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Corporate and Supply Contracts

Looking to improve your Supply Chain?

As well as operating as a brand, Reid Bikes Limited designs and manufactures bikes and eBikes for several other brands. By leveraging off our strong supply chain across Asia, including China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Vietnam, we help brands and large multi-sports retail chains bring their ideas to life for commercial success.

Whether you are an experienced Buyer / Product Manager for a multinational brand, or a self-starter for a new brand, we can sit down with you, learn your brand, understand your aims, and help at every stage from idea concept, to creation of artwork design, technical frame drawings and bill of materials (component list). We will then create a fully functional sample for client approval, being signing off for orders.

We are completely transparent with all of our clients and welcome factory visits where you can see your products being manufactured, and meet with our diligent quality control teams. Every production comes with a full 48 point QC report, audit images and issues report.

Please note the above has been blurred to protect the privacy of our clients.

We go one step further than simply supplying our clients with shipping documents and stopping there; we can also help offer information and guidance on import duty, anti-dumping duty, taxes and other shipping related matters, working closely with freight forwarders to ensure a smooth, stress free delivery of goods to your chosen location.


We do all of this at incredibly low margins, to make our offering as attractive as possible, helping our clients increase their margin and make their brands more commercially successful through better design, quality manufacturing, and competitive pricing.

So if you are looking for a new factory, supplier or trading company for bike and ebike supply, call or email us to have a chat, or fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact.